Aluminum Frame & Polycarbonate

Safy is extremely lightweight thanks to the injected polycarbonate core, which is reinforced with a laminated aluminum frame. Another distinctive feature of the innovative polycarbonate material is its tremendous flexibility. The bag will yield to pressure, but will immediately return to its original form afterwards. Safy is heat and cold resistant with a temperate range of +160°C to -100°C (+260°F to -150°F), and it can withstand exposure to UV radiation.


3 Digit Combination Lock

  • As long as you don’t change the code, it is free opening and very quick to access.
  • If you change only one digit, it is locked.
  • When you shuffle 2 or 3 digits, it is securely locked.


Durable Cut Resistant Strap

Simple – pull it, lock it and leave it. The secret is a patent-pending durable locking strap, made of cotton and thin steel ropes, which enable you to lock your bag and attach the cut-resistant strap to any fixed object (beach chair, suitcase, fence, etc.). It only requires you to open the bag and press the button for strap release. Then you tie it around a fixed object and lock your Safy!


Motion Alarm (110db)

When activated, the motion sensor on the inside of the bag triggers an alarm within five seconds of being picked up to notify the owner if their bag is being stolen. To ensure the alarm is always operational, there is a built-in power bank, which always reserves 20 percent of its capacity in order to power itself.


Alarm Button

While carrying the bag, the motion alarm has to be turned off, otherwise it would go off due to motion as we move. Arming or disarming it is as simple as the push of a button.


Fingerprint Module

The biometric fingerprint module can store more than 10 authorized fingerprints. To access this device, your fingerprint is needed for authentication. When you purchase a Safy bag with this module, you will need to register your fingerprints in order to open it. Afterwards, the bag will open when you place your finger on the scanning device. Easy operation – you need to hold the alarm button until you hear a beep, then slowly press your finger to the sensor 5 times, this will in turn register your fingerprint. The first registration must be done with the help of a computer in three easy steps:

  • Connect the bag to the computer.
  • Type in the 3-digit code.
  • Slowly press your finger to the sensor 5 times.

You can always unlock the bag with your computer, by entering the 3-digit code you chose at first registration.



Never run out of battery. Safy has a built-in battery with two USB ports.

  • Safy model S has 5.000 mAh and can charge your phone for a minimum of two times
  • Safy model S+ has 10.000 mAh and can charge your phone for a minimum of four times.


Quick Pockets with RFID Blocking

Easy to access, allowing you to instantly access your cards and cash. Safy also features a radio-frequency identification (RFID) safe pocket, with RFID blocking technology, which protects the owner from passive skimming of RFID enabled cards or passports.


What Fits Inside?

The inner dimensions of the Safy Bag are max. L x W x H = 178 mm X 130 mm X 40 mm. Due to the exceptional design curves, the dimensions on the curves are reduced. There is a place for:

  • Up to 3 Phones max. dimensions L x W x H (6,5 inch/165mm x 4,15 inch/105 mm x 0,5 inch/13mm)
  • Up to 3 Passports (RFID safe pocket)
  • Up to 5 Bank Cards (RFID safe pocket)
  • Money (extra pocket)
  • Wallet, Watches, Keys, Headphones & More