Safy was created by Nataša and Andrej Brumec. Nataša has a passion for art, while Andrej has a passion for technology. They both have extensive experience designing innovative products and brands. The idea for Safy was born when they were the unfortunate victims of pickpocketing, a crime all too common around the world. A thief stole their phones while they were at the beach. This of course ruined their vacation, so they decided to create a portable safe.

First Andrej created a portable safe, which can be locked to a beach chair, but soon figured out that if we have nowhere to lock it to, then it is not safe. So, he added the motion sensor and alarm. However, it is still only a featureless box. Nataša then comes forward with a great idea – make it look like bag, so it can be used every day. She goes straight to work, pouring all her passion for art into it and voila! Safy is born. The first Safe and Smart bag for everyday use.