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We’re proud to kick off our brands’ collaboration with Chipolo company. You can order a Safy with  Bluetooth tracker so you can find your Safy from your phone… or find your phone from your Safy .

After testing several Bluetooth trackers, we were convinced that the team at Chipolo not only knew exactly what they were doing, but they are just awesome to work with. Based in Europe with an outpost in NYC, the Chipolo team has developed several award-winning locators including the Chipolo Classic, Chipolo Plus, and the Chipolo Card



Lost doesn’t mean forever with Chipolo tracker… You will still be able to track it down via our locator powered by Chipolo and its crowd mesh network which shows its last known location. You can check it right on Chipolo’s app. 

But, let’s say you totally lost it and un-paired it from the Chipolo app as described above. Guess what? It is still connected to Chipolo so you can mark your Safy as lost in the Chipolo app and you will have a chance at finding it again using their Community Search feature. When you get it back you can easily re-pair it with the Chipolo app. 

HOW Chipolo Works?

Simply conect Chipolo card with your smart phone, and put it into the Chipolo pocket in your Safy Bag. After setting up  with your smart phone, RING Chipolo from the app or double press it to ring your phone. Even if it’s on silent!. You can also FIND your missing Safy Bag. The app remembers when and where you last had it. 

 Setting up a new Chipolo with Android  ; Setting up a new Chipolo with iOS