Safy – Smart Keychain


Safy Smart Keychain is a perfect product for finding your keys, wallet, bag in seconds. Use our iTrack app to call a missing item or hold down a button on Safy-SK to find your phone (even in silent mode).
It also has a sound alert function once a device is away from a safe distance 32-50ft (10-15m).
For additional security, it has a built-in motion sensor. Example of use: place it at the door of a hotel room, apartment, or any product. When it moves, a loud alarm will sound (on device and phone)


  • Find your device
  • Find your Smartphone
  • Movement alarm
  • Out of range alerts
  • Location of a device on a map
  • Navigation to your device
  • Sound alert
  • SELFIE button
  • Built-in speaker and LED
  • Personalization- we print your design


Can’t find your keys, phone, wallet, etc.? Stop wasting precious time. With Safy you will find it in no time with just the push of a button.


When you can not have your items in your hands reach or just fall asleep while waiting for a train or plane, Bluetooth locator will warn you if anybody moves your property.
You can also use it as an alarm device in hotel rooms, apartments, campers, tents, etc. When the device detects movement (opening dors…), a sound alert will turn on both in locator and your smartphone. Your app also stores movement history. Enjoy your time with Safy !


When your phone and SAFY are out of the sensing range 32-50ft (10-15m)., the app will make you sound alert on Safy device and your smartphone. So you will never forget your phone, wallet, laptop, bag…